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Garages of Deansboro
By Dorothy McConnell, 1994
From Centennial: Deansville/Deansboro New York, 1984-1994

Early in Deansboro's history, there were livery stables. One was located in the garage now owned by Clara Cornelius. Also, one was run by a Mr. Lewis on the location of our present WALT'S GARAGE.

The present garage originally was a stable for the HAMILTON HOUSE . (E.R. McConnell stabled his horse there while taking the cars (RR) to Madison Lake for Grange Day, Aug. ll, 1894; according to his diary, the round trip cost was 30 cents). This stable was moved back from the road sometime in 1894, which improved it's appearance. Many have owned, as well as rented this garage. Among those doing so were Charles Pierce, Allen Webb, Ray Essler, Tom Williams, Ed Bishop, and Walter Pezdek. Charles Pierce sold Mobile gasoline there and Ed Bishop sold Texaco in 1960.

When Tom Williams ran this garage, he made racing wheel hubs there. Charlie Pierce's famous stock car P-13 was made there.

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