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P-13 Tommy Wilson
By Dorothy McConnell 2009

Originally built in Charlie Pierce's garage in Deansboro, the P-13 is a prime example of the stock cars raced in the early 1950's. The first post-war stock cars were jalopies with no modification beyond strapping the doors shut, but the P-13, while simple by today's standards, was a quantum leap forward.

Pierce and his mechanic, Freddy DeCarr, were among the first to order special parts from Southern California, the hot rod capital of the world. To make their '33 Ford faster, the engine had a Kong ignition a stroker crankshaft, oversized racing pistons and high performance camshaft from Master Grinder, Ed Iskendarian.

David Galluup was it's first driver. Tom Wilson replaced Dave Gallup after Gallup was judged too aggressive, giving Pierce a team favored to win everywhere they went: Brookfield, Vernon, Morris, Sharon, Richfield Springs and Smyrna in 1952 and 1953. Tom was about the fastest in the State at that time. He had the lead at the State Fair when he had a blow out in the last lap from the finish. Tom Wilson raced at Brookfield and the old Vernon Fair grounds, Fonda and other places.

P13 race car

The P-13 was exhibited at the Saratoga Auto Museum in April 2009 along with other early stock car racers

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