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People of interest in Deansboro

John Wagoner- He lived at the Hotel and used to work for Tom Williams, when he ran the garage next door. Tom had gone to Utica for parts and he tried to give him a message. John answered, "Tom's not here, Tom's gone to Utica". John Wagoner was truly a friend to everyone.

Oscar Grocer- He lived with his father on West Hill as hermits with windows and doors boarded up. The neighbors used to bring food to them. He had a brother who was a dentist.

Jute Diehl- He was a painter and friend to all charging $1 per hour. When they raised the price of hamburgers at the little restaurant, he raised his wage to $1.25 per hour. He ran and never stopped a minute as he wanted to give the customer all his time. He worked around a house always in the shade and was a great hunter as well. He left money for the children's Halloween parties in Deansboro.

Joe Rizzo- He lived on California Rd in one of the earliest homes built in Deansboro. Now it is the home of Anna Kelley. He was an excellent cabinet maker.

Charlie Edwards- He was very independent, lived in tin barn and used to do gardening. He cut his own wood and it was almost impossible to heat the tin barn. His daughter took him to Rome to poor house and one day a taxi came and Charlie was back home. The snow was quite deep, but they started a fire and took some food. The kids put him on a flying saucer and dragged him through the snow and got him up in his house.

Grace Gruman- She was Town Clerk for many years and attended the lower church (now the Deansboro Congregational United Church of Christ) where she was a Sunday School teacher. When Floyd and Eloise went for their marriage license, Floyd made a crack about hunting and she got out a hunting license. Eloise said "No-no marriage" She said "That was worse" as Floyd had been married before and she didn't know exactly what to do.

Maude Page- She had considerable resources, when a man came and everyone was concerned to see if he had taken any of her money.

Walter Brooks- He operated Sunnybrook Apple Orchard, which had been in the family since 1850 on Brothertown Road.(Williams Fence) He was killed in an accident in Syracuse delivering apples.

Julius Waterman- He was a buffalo trainer and a familiar figure on the fair circuit where he exhibited his pet buffalos, Ned and Ted for 22 years. He purchased two buffalos in 1940 in Canada and exhibited them throughout the United States. He appeared with them on Television, including the Arthur Godfrey Show.

Clark Shaver- He came to Deansboro at an early age and was educated in local schools. He was employed for 30 years as a rural mail carrier retiring in 1950.

Claude and Grove Hinman- They bought the milk plant in 1932 and went into business as Hinman Farm Products. Charles Williams was hired as Superintendent. Donald Risley would stand at the front of the washer. Bob Marris was the main workman for the plant. Most of the office work was done by the superintendents, with the help of Claude's two daughters, Phyllis Dungey and Dorothy Hinman.

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