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The Oriskany Valley Gazette
A weekly newspaper published by Rechard and Daniels, Editor and Proprietors
at Malone Building, Main Street, Deansboro, New York

November 3, 1898
Ontario and Western Railroad time table: Deansville
Trains north Trains south
7:31AM 8:48AM
11:10AM 10:35AM
2:28PM 12:51PM
6:13PM 5:35PM
6:45PM 12:11AM

November 10, 1898

A. J. Patterson has secured a position as brakeman on the Ontario and Western Railroad. His run at present is from Norwich to Scranton.

Wm. Wilson who has been with M. D. Olds since last spring has resigned his position. It is reported that he has secured a place in the rake works in Canastota.

The Post Office north of here, which has been known as Franklin Iron Works has been changed to Franklin Springs. This makes three stations on the Rome Branch of the Ontario and Western Railroad where the station name is different from the Post Office. There will be Deansboro/Deansville; Franklin Springs/Franklin Iron Works; and Clark Mills/Clark's Mills. It would seem as if the railroad would find itself in a new country.

March 9, 1899

Oriskany Falls - Tuesday forenoon about 11 o'clock a wreck occurred on the Ontario and Western between Oriskany Falls and Solsville. The train was No. 86 laden with coal and going at a high rate of speed, when a journal under one of the rear cars broke letting the car to the ground and dragging the same some distance. The train was stopped and the broken car was placed on a sleigh-like contrivance and slowly moved to Oriskany Falls. It was a close call from what might have been a very serious wreck, both of loss of life and property destroyed. The way the wreck was handled by the crew is very complimentary to their ingenuity. The train was delayed one hour, and a special took its place.

May 23, 1899

Clinton - Residents of the Town of Kirkland have become a good deal excited over a rumor that the Franklin Iron Works Manufacturing Company would soon resume operations at Franklin Springs. The furnace was compelled to shut down several years ago. When the price of iron went down the company could not make it here to compete with southern companies. All their coke had to be imported from the south, and the freight on a carload was about $50. During the past 10 days parties from out of town representing ample capital have made a thoro examination of the furnace and mines and it is said that they talk very favorably of again opening up the industry It would be a great boom to Clinton if this were done, and everyone is anxious to see the old furnace again in operation.

April 13, 1899

John Bellinger and A. J. Patterson who are in the employ of the O&W have been calling on Deansboro friends this week.

April 20, 1899

Wireless telegraphy has come. Like the coming of the telephone. It will only cover short distances at first.

June 8, 1899

John T. Excell, the veteran railroad conductor of the O&W died at his home in Utica, Wednesday evening about 11 o'clock.

Obituary - Clarence F. Ingersoll, died Dec 14, 1953 at 70 years of age. Born in Constantia Sept 26, 1874. He was for 51 years employed as a station agent for the O&W Railroad. Burial - Ingersoll Cemetery in Constantia.

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