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Fire Companies in the Town of Marshall
Dorothy McConnell

The first fire company was founded when the Deansville water system was built in 1896 and called the Deansboro Fire Company. The fire house was located in the old Northrup Block where D'Agostino's Garage now stands on the corner of Rte 12B and Rte 315. The Company had hand-drawn hose carts.

In 1906, David Barton endowed the company and it was incorporated under the name Barton Hose Company. Mr Barton built the firehouse, which later held the Post Office. In 1905 and on his death in 1917 he left the company New Jersey Railroad Bonds worth $500. Some of the charter members were: A. Skerritt, A. D. VanVechton, O. Humphrey, H. Bishopp, W. Cross, W.R. Small and E. O. Buckingham.

In the early days, the Methodist Church bell was used to sound the alarm of a fire. In 1903, a steam whistle at the old Condensory on the site of Hinman's Milk Plant seved until 1932, when an electric siren was installed.

In 1927, Hardie Sanders and Benjamin Smith traveled to New Jersey to purchase the company's first truck, a South Bend Fire Truck for $500. An additon was built on to the firehouse to accomodate it. In 1929 and 1918, a Cadillac touring car was purchased, rebuilt into a truck, and fitted with an old chemical pumper

1930 saw a radically new concept. A fire district found around Deansboro and property owners taxed to support the company, freeing the Water Company of responsiblity. In 1949, the district expanded to all of the Town of Marshall. In 1949, the Company bought Maccabee Hall and, in 1956, sold it to the Town for use as a Town Hall. The new fire house was built in 1957.

The Fire Company has sponsored many social events from Field Days and dances to soft ball games. The first ham dinner was held in Maccabee Hall, and has continued until this day to be a well attended event. A picnic area on Skyline Drive was kept for many reunions and other celebrations. Christmas lights and Nativity Scene have been displayed by our fire company. The firemen also hold drives to assist charities and sponsor the Boy Scouts.

In 2006, the Company is led by Chief, Gerald Sehn and President, Ronald Steinmann.

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