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Diary - 1894
E. R. McConnell (77 years old)

Saturday, August 11, 1894.
Went to Madison Lake. Jim Blake went with me. Left my horse in the Hotel in Deansville and took the cars - round trip was 30 cents. It was Granger Day and big crowd, and a good time and nice place.

August 27, 1894.
John and Theodore started at 7AM for Utica to get hop pickers. At 8PM they came home with such a big load of men, boys and women.

August 29
Picked a box of hops today. They are of the Humphreys variety. They were badly snarled up.

August 30
The same today - one box of hops.

August 31
A box of hops. Moved into the late hops at 11AM.

September 1
Picked a box and one half today. In the evening a dance at Maxwells, but enjoyed a concert at home in the kitchen.

September 2
Attended church in Clinton.

September 3
Picked one box of hops, a good day and all went well.

September 4
One box today.

September 5
One box and started for Clinton at 3PM

September 6
One box hops and at 4PM started for Paris Hill. Took Kate home. Went that way.

September 7
At home picked hops all day. Made 2 boxes = 2 tickets. Done at 6PM.

September 8
Picked hops until 10AM and then came a thunder shower. All went to house. Mine was 1/2 full. 1 1/2 boxes today.

September 9
All at home today. Pleasant day, some walking, some playing ball, some chatting on the piazza. At 4PM went up to Theodores. When they returned gave concert in the piazza. Went to bed at 9PM.

September 10
Picked hops until 10AM, then it rained. Went to house until after dinner. Then to hop yard and picked until 3. Then came rain and did not pick anymore.

September 11
Finished picking Theodore's hops at 3PM. Emptied 1 1/2 boxes. Began to pick John's upper yard and 3PM aside the road.

September 12
A box of hops to Clinton at 4PM.

September 13
A box and one half today.

September 14
A box picked. Hops beginning to spoil.

September 15
Picked a box of hops

September 17
Hops spoiling -- began to pick yard by hop house. Finished the yard. Had to let about 50 poles stand without picking.

September 18
Settled up with hop pickers. I had a total of 20 boxes. I took Mrs Pool, Mrs Green, Mrs Deming, Mrs Dorothy Cook and Mabel Moore to the depot. Theodore took men on to Utica.

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