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A Brief History of the Dean Homestead
By Dorothy McConnell

The Dean Homestead is situated on Lot 15 within the old Brothertown Tract. John Dean, his wife, and son Thomas came in the year 1795 as Quaker missionaries from Westchester County, New York. In l797 they left, only to return the following year. The wing of the home was built in l799 as the Indian Agents office. The wing is in an excellent state of preservation and contains a large brick beehive oven.

The property at that time was owned by the Brothertown Indian named Elijah Wampy, Jr.. The rest of the building has been started in l804 or 1824. Because Dean leased this property from Wampy, it is believed that l824 is the more likely date. A law passed by the state legislature in l827 allowed Dean to purchase the property for $650, 4/5 acre, the o.k. possibly was from an Indian commissioner.

The property at that time contained 29 acres. The property passed to Thomas in 1820 and to his son John about 1842. John and his wife, (Harriet) Roxena Peck, sold the property to Dr. Isaac and Abigail Hovey of Morrisville in l848. His son Charles A. and wife (Sarah) Amelia Skinner acquired the property in l868. Charles was an alleged millionaire owning controlling interest in Elgin Watch Co. In 1909 Charles son George and his wife Eva Skinner became the owners.

George was a graduate of Cazenovia Seminary and Syracuse Commercial College. In 1910 George remarried Clara Dunmore and they used the home as a summer residence, also living in Montpelier, New Jersey.

Hovey entered into partnership with Herman W. Booth and took a seat on the NY Stock Exchange. In a venture with Francis a Cody of Vernon, Booth misappropriated funds leaving Hovey to take responsibility. In 1935 a judgment was won by Cody against Hovey for $1,085,366.77. The property was sold at a sheriff auction in 1940 for $10,900.

Francis A. and Mary R. Cody became the new owners in 1940. In 1945 Floyd Harrington, an antique general stamp buff bought the property along with his wife Eloise. Mr. Harrington died in l970. Mrs. Harrington has since married William Beerhalter and were occupants.

William Beerhalter died in 1991. On 9-11-2001 Alan Park bought the Dean Homestead and The Hotel next door. Ward Elliot now (2010) lives there and runs the hotel for Alan Park.

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