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The Waterville Times, 23 August 1857

We have just been strolling in the very shabby looking cemetery grounds which, we understand, are about to be enclosed with a substantial iron fence. Several tombstones are rough limestone slabs, with the initials of the departed scratched on their uncouth surfaces, and nearly all of them are almost sunk from view in the neglected yard. One slab of gray marble records the decease of “Esther Pouquenup, a member of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, who died Jan’y 22, 1822, a practical and exemplary Christian, aged 96 yrs and 8 mos”. Another of “Prude Harry, daughter of Sampson and Esther Pouquenup, died Feb. 24, 1828, aged 71 yrs and 7 mos”. As we may possibly have to leave our bones here, we beseech our citizens to give them a better cared-for resting place, than this village can now afford them.
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